University Logos


Our official logo is shaped as a circle held by two fire heads which literally represent prosperity and growth of the university. Inside the circle, depicts Angkor Wat Temple in the middle of the world map symbolizing the internationalization of the university. The book open below the Angkor Wat Temple with the word ‘IU’ represents the academic service of the University.


The square logo depicted with the word IU in between the university’s name is popularly and commercially used for the convenience of the students. The radiance surfacing the circle represents the light for wisdom and knowledge.

University’s Colors


International University’s colors are blue, red, and green which indicates the university’s commitment to peace and intellectual excellence. The blue represents the peace and purity of wisdom, the red symbolizes the intellectual development, and the green representing the preservation of natural and cultural heritage.

University’s Tree

The university’s tree is palm tree which represents the university’s patriotic love. The palm tree is a source of family income of thousands of people in rural areas.

palm trees