President’s Message

Prof. Dr. Sabo Ojano

H.E Prof. Dr. Sabo Ojano, MD, PhD. President

Welcome Message from the President

It is my privilege and honor to welcome you to our premier educational institution great place to start your journey to a bright and positive future.

We have a clear vision for our graduates and offer opportunities to open your mind and broaden your horizons —ensuring that as a graduate you become knowledgeable and enterprising and have a global outlook to fit in this challenging world.

Our investment in technology, and exceptional resources and the expertise of our staff allow you to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world to meet the demands for expertise to an evolving system of education.

The University has been collaborating with partners in a number of geographical regions to deliver courses in Cambodia and also with other countries with additional resources to make the students continue in their endeavor to fulfill their dream.

This University is active in developing links with partners based on progres-sion, research, student and staff exchange programs, and consultancy for mutual interest.

We have a very experienced base of staff both academic and supporting staff to make the students to meet the demands and challenges that they will encounter in their course of studies here.

By being here at International University, you will not only experience the educational taste but also the taste of a multi-cultural environment from which you will gain skills and experience that will serve you for years to come.