THE BIZZ is one of the most important business awards in the world, given out to leading businesspeople in each sector that stand out for their business excellence. These same people foster the growth of the economy in their respective countries and throughout the world on a daily basis, thus making them examples to be followed.

This year, awards will be given out at three ceremonies: BIZZ Europe (Venice), BIZZ Americas (Hawaii), and the third of the year, BIZZ ARABIC. This last ceremony will be held on September 28 at the Emirates Palace Hotel, located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. The event will be dedicated primarily to recognizing companies of the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as other businesses from the rest of the world.

THE BIZZ is given out by the WORLD CONFEDERATION OF BUSINESSES (WORLDCOB), a leading international organization founded over 10 years ago and based out of Houston, Texas (USA). WORLDCOB seeks to promote the generation of new business opportunities, social responsibility, and business excellence among its members.

This is the fourth time WORLDCOB has organized this ceremony in the Middle East. The first was held in 2009 at the Burj Al Arab, followed in 2012 by a ceremony in Doha, Qatar, and then last year in Dubai. Past award recipients include Fortune 500 companies such as Oman Arab Bank, Saudi Telecom Company, Abu Dhabi University, Qatar Airways, National Bank of Bahrain, Fastelco, Al Sulaimi Group, and Doha Bank, among other major businesses.

Each awards ceremony presents an interesting networking opportunity for those companies in attendance, coming from all over the world. This meeting allows them to share experiences and exchange ideas while enjoying a luxurious evening in one of the world’s most elegant and impressive settings.

The awards categories include “ENTREPRENEURIAL” and “INSPIRATIONAL,” with special trophies such as the “PEAK OF SUCCESS,” “BEYOND SUCCESS,” “BE A LEGEND,” and “GLORY” awards.

A highly rigorous evaluation committee created the Business Excellence Questionnaire, which judges companies on aspects of BUSINESS LEADERSHIP, MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, QUALITY OF GOODS AND SERVICES, INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY, CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, AND ACHIEVEMENTS ATTAINED. These factors are then used to determine whether or not each company meets the committee’s standards of business excellence.

Registration is still open for small, medium, and large companies that you believe have attained a high level of business excellence. If you are interested in nominating your own company or another company you know, visit our website at

We are sure THE BIZZ ARABIC will be one of the most impressive and successful business awards ceremonies of the year.

Jorge Gutierrez Rodriguez

Communications Manager