Faculty of Social Sciences and Journalism

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Journalism has a historical mission to provide academic and professional training in journalism and social sciences for a culturally diverse population. Students study in-print and broadcast journalism, advertising and public relations. Students explore the role that each of these fields plays in creating society’s images of people of different colors.

Course Aims

  • To emphasize a commitment to a free and responsible press, access to and leadership in experiential learning, understanding and applying new media technology, and research in areas that impact the dissemination of information and the media’s depiction of various cultures.
  • To have assembled a highly qualified faculty and have equipped the faculty and our students with the tools they need to succeed.
  • To contribute to the advancement of society through insightful and accurate portrayal of newsworthy events and their impact on local, national and international communities. This dedication is extended to include the messages that are communicated by the providers of various products and services in their efforts to reach specific markets.