Faculty of Animal Science & Veteromary Medicine


At the end of the program, the candidate will:

  • A acquire in depth and comprehensive knowledge on various aspects of production, healthy and sick animals.
  • A acquire professional expertise and technical skills in production, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal diseases.
  • Acquire knowledge in various aspects and activities of the animal industry and livestock management develop a sense of appreciation and positive feeling towards the entrepreneurship and technological aspects of animal production.


To become an excellent faculty and referral centre in animal and veterinary science in Cambodia and ASEAN countries.


The both departments strive toward excellence in teaching, research and professional services to expand knowledge in veterinary science for the enhancement of animal industry.

1. Department of Animal Science

  • Laboratory of Artificial Insemination
  • Laboratory of Nutrition
  • Pig Farms (collaboration)
  • Cattle farms (collaboration)
  • Chicken Farms (collaboration)

Degree Offered:

  • Associate degree(2 years)
  • Bachelor degree of Animal Science (4 years)
  • Master degree of Animal Science(2 years)
  • PhD degree of Animal Science (3 years)

2. Department of Veterinary Medicine

  • Laboratory of Anatomy, Physiology and Surgery
  • Laboratory of Parasitology
  • Laboratory of Microbiology
  • Laboratory of Public Health
  • Animal Clinics

Degree Offered:

  • Associate degree (2 years)
  • Bachelor degree of Veterinary Science (4 years)
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (6 years)
  • Master degree of Veterinary Medicine (2 years)
  • PhD degree of Veterinary Medicine (4 years)

ការថែទាំកូនជ្រូកបន្ទាប់ពីកើត(Swine Farrowing and pre-weaning piglets)

ការយកឈាមពីករគោកក និងមិនកក (Blood collection from jugular vein from cattle with and with EDTA)

ការវិភាគសេរ៉ូម (ELISA) និងវិភាគ DNA or RNA (Serological and Molecular Analysis)