International University is composed of seven faculties and one post-graduate institute with over thirty (30) departments that offers more than forty (40) degree programs ranging from associate to doctoral degrees. All courses and their contents are headed by professionals and competent academicians.

Associate Degree

A candidate must have at least completed the Upper Secondary General Education.

Undergraduate Admissions and Associate Degree

IU is in the process of formulating short time courses such as Diploma or other supplementary course of study to those either in the working environment or new graduates so that they can undergo these short term study to enrich their already acquired academic qualification to make them more acceptable in the job market.

The Office of Admissions provides information and one can apply online by completing the application for undergraduate admission.

Graduate Admissions

A candidate must hold higher secondary certificate (+2) or diploma or its equivalent.

The student’s applying for medical studies (Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Pharmacy) must fulfill the requirement according to Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

The graduate admission process is coordinated by the graduate departments and the admissions office Graduate application instruction . and graduate recourse provide the information needed to choose a degree program. To apply online, complete the application for graduate admission.

Master Degree

A candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Doctoral Degree

A candidate must hold a master’s degree or equivalent.

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